Changemakers, Thought Leaders & Authors

Thought leaders and changemakers take a stand for those things that need changing in our world.  We distill your why into your story strategy, verbally and visually.  Through a creative, strategic process we transmute why you do what you do into connection with your audience. Creating connection gets people on board and facilitates change.  Together, we create the conditions for making a positive impact.  It starts with deep listening and inspired creativity. 


Story Strategy

Not sure where to start to cut through the noise? With Story Strategy, we clarify your purpose and vision. The more clear, authentic, and consistent your vision is, the more impactful your connection is with your audience.  We understand that writing the script comes before the movie can be made. Through a filmmaking-inspired process we’ll work together to map out your vision and amplify your message.

The deliverable: your message strategy will be your set of visual and verbal guidelines for communications on any platform.

Writer’s Platform

For changemakers writing their message into a book, we help you craft your writer’s platform, what every publisher needs you to have compellingly in place.

Developmental Editing

Changemakers writing their message into a book who need guidance on story structure, and how to take a book’s core issue and attendant themes through their individual arcs in a satisfying way. What to weed out, what to include, and how to create an emotional landscape that resonates at the right frequency for your message.

Inspired Websites

Your mission translated into compelling web based story telling for the people you seek to reach, artfully executed and UX driven.  Completely, easily updated and managed by you once it's designed and built.

Creative Content

Need help curating, editing or creating message aligned content? No problem, we’ll work together to get you any needed content. 

  • Copy

  • Photography & video

  • Design elements

  • Email campaigns